New Nori, Fun Nori
Unveiling Nori, Norimomo

Nori unfolds with its origin, each season, and distinctive flavors,
offering a diverse array of delightful experiences.

Our aim is to bring the world of nori to a broader audience,
kindling a greater appreciation for its joys.

We aspire to grow the community of nori enthusiasts and share the excitement
that blossoms as one explores the bigger world of nori.

Norimomo unveils a fresh and delightful universe of nori.
Enjoy a life enriched by nori.

About Norimomo


Passing on Nori to the Next 100 Years

Nori, a gift from the sea, a blessing of nature.
Nori has become a staple on our dining tables and supermarket shelves,
but there may come a time when this familiarity is no longer guaranteed.

Producers are dwindling, and our marine ecosystems are evolving. Knowledge about nori among consumers is gradually fading.

We felt compelled to spread the word about nori and teach more people how to savor its delights.
A challenge awaits us, a century into the future.

For the sake of that future, we will do all we can.
Our mission at Norimomo is to ensure that nori continues to thrive.


To enhance your enjoyment of Norimomo, offers a range of products under three brand lines.

  • Flavors that vary by origin,
    Nori specially chosen for your delight.

  • A wide array of sizes,
    Nori essential for everyday use.

  • Exciting encounters,
    Nori that is new and fun.