To enhance your enjoyment of Norimomo, offers a range of products under three brand lines.

  • Flavors that vary by origin,
    Nori specially chosen for your delight.

    Since nori is a natural product, its taste can vary, even from the same coast or producer. That’s why having a discerning eye for nori is crucial. Our nori experts personally participate in auctions to select the most delicious nori. Among those chosen nori, speciality line offers finest nori of its origin.

  • A wide array of sizes,
    Nori essential for everyday use.

    Nori is at its best during winter, harvested from November to December, known as “new nori” for its soft texture and rich aroma. In this basic line we use only the highest quality nori.. We carefully consider thickness and texture to suit various uses like onigiri or futomaki.

  • Exciting encounters,
    Nori that’s new and fun.

    We want more people to embrace nori in their lives. That’s why we created this casual line. Our familiar “flavored nori” includes simple “salt” as well as popular flavors like “wasabi,” “black pepper,” “curry,” and “red pepper.” Our “Norifurifuri” offer enticing flavors such as “Mediterranean basil,” spicy Sichuan,” and “soy sauce butter.” Enjoy these unexpected discoveries of how nori can elevate your dishes. Stay tuned for new additions too.



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