About Norimomo


Passing on Nori to the Next 100 Years

Nori, a gift from the sea, a blessing of nature.
Nori has become a staple on our dining tables and supermarket shelves,
but there may come a time when this familiarity is no longer guaranteed.

Producers are dwindling, and our marine ecosystems are evolving.
Knowledge about nori among consumers is gradually fading.

We felt compelled to spread the word about nori and teach more people how to savor its delights.
A challenge awaits us, a century into the future.

For the sake of that future, we will do all we can.
Our mission at Norimomo is to ensure that nori continues to thrive.


Expanding the World of Nori

Nori is a traditional Japanese food, often enjoyed at breakfast with seasoned nori accompanying natto, or wrapped around onigiri. However, this represents just a fraction of the world of nori. Our dining tables are becoming increasingly global, and a multitude of ingredients are exploring diverse possibilities. Nori is no exception. We aim to unlock the potential of nori, transforming it into a versatile ingredient for various settings and occasions.

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    A Hundred Tastes, A Hundred Selections – Crafting Enjoyment

    To enable diverse ways of savoring and enjoying nori in any setting, with any pairing.

    We believe that, as dietary habits diversify, so should the ways we enjoy nori. Beyond traditional flavors, we are exploring how to incorporate nori into new dietary habits, such as with bread, pasta, soups, and risottos. We seek to discover the full potential of nori, from its rich umami to its satisfying crunch. Adapting to diverse lifestyles, we aim to present various ways to relish nori.

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    A Hundred Charms, A Hundred Narratives – Conveying Attractiveness

    To globally communicate the charm of nori through abundant information, including production methods, culinary traditions, and insights about restions and producers.

    How well do we truly know nori? Once, it was common to exchange nori as gifts for occasions like Ochugen and Oseibo. People used to savor young, tender nori during its seasonal peak, visiting producers and savoring the flavors of the land. The charm of nori is gradually fading, but genuine nori retains enduring allure. We want people to discover this charm by experiencing authentic nori, a gift from the sea and the land.

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    A Hundred Masses, A Hundred Gatherings -Building Alliances

    To share the enchantment of nori, initiate fresh endeavors, and cultivate partnerships to secure the legacy of nori for the next century.

    The current landscape surrounding nori is challenging. Dietary diversity is increasing, price-driven markets are expanding, and the environment for nori cultivation is changing. To ensure the continuation of nori for the next hundred years, we must collaborate with professionals from various domains. Producers, supporters of producers, distributors, communicators – uniting our diverse strengths, we contemplate what can be done now to preserve nori as a part of Japanese food culture for a hundred years.

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    A Hundred Traditions, A Hundred Innovations – Preserving the Old and Creating the New

    To pioneer new possibilities, building upon the foundation of tradition, culture, and historical context.

    Nori has been part of Japanese cuisine for over a thousand years. It was once a precious commodity exchanged among aristocrats. Through this rich history, something precious has become accessible to the masses, resulting in changes in how it’s eaten, made, sold, and shared. We aim to respect this cultural context, but also evolving it according to the times and creating new value. No only to protect the tradition, but also to embrace the change.